Camping Kitchen

If you are camping for a weekend or longer you will need think about buying a camping larder / kitchen – unless you are planning to get take-away’s for each meal, which will turn in to a very expensive camping trip!

Space is always precious and a lot smaller than our kitchens at home but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an organised working kitchen when camping or caravanning.


There are camping kitchens and larders available which will enable you to store food away and off the ground, most of them come with a solid top that can double up as a work surface.  If there is only a couple of you camping there are simple 2 shelf kitchens, some also have handy external side shelves which come in handy for tins and cans, bread and other bakery items can be stored on the internal shelves.  Larger camping groups would require larger larders or cabinets with 3 – 4 internal shelves.

When looking to buy a larder or camp kitchen look for one which has fabric on all four sides, most will have 3 fixed fabric sides and the front one will zip up.  If you are planning to put the larder outside it is a good idea to get one which has built in wind shield on the top, this is really useful when you are preparing food.

If you want a simple kitchen stand there are ones which are made of stainless steel and have just 2 shelves, no sides but can store cans, bottles, packets & tins and just folds out/away in minutes.

Most kitchens and larders are easy to put up and take down, some take a bit of practice – remember to put everything together before you go camping, don’t leave it until you get to the camp site to put it up for the first time.

As you will not be using the kitchen or larder all year round it is a good idea to look how easily they can be stored away and whether they come with a storage bag or not – most of the better quality ones will have a carry bag included.

If you are caravanning and need extra kitchen space the larder can be put under your awning to store kitchen basics.

It is a good idea to work out what is going where before you go, have a practice run in the garden at home - it will take half the time to put up and organise, and leave more time to enjoy your holiday.