Walking GPS


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GPS are ideal for travelling and not only for use in the car.  There are now some fantastic walking/handheld GPS that are battery powered with pre-loaded maps so there is no need to take a paper map that can be blown around on a windy day.

A lot of the handheld GPS are waterproof which is ideal when the weather can be changeable or if you are out waling/hiking in Winter.

To power them you will require, standard are fine but will not last as long as Lithium batteries lasting almost twice as long as standard ones.

The price of decent walking GPS varies from £179 - £499.99, the more expensive having more features.

Features on the handheld GPS’s include:

1. Integrated camera, microphone & speak to enable you to record geo-tagged pictures, voice notes and video footage.
2. GPS track log, this allows you to create a complete geographic & multimedia record of each outdoor adventure.  You can      watch it again & again on the GPS, your computer or share on social networks.
3. Waterproof, making it ideal in all conditions.
4. Colour screens, some can be sunlight-readable .
5. Touch screen.
6. Accurate within 3-5 meters
7. Preloaded maps of Europe, cities, the World (the better the GPS the more maps you can have).
8. Quick Calibrate 3-axis electronic compass with tilt compensation, which means that whichever direction you travel you will know exactly where you are heading.
9. Barometric Altimeter, this provides accurate elevation reading and gives weather conditions.
10. You are able to download up to 10,000 paperless geocache GPX file son some models.

Pre-loaded maps: there are different sorts of maps you can have on your GPS, the most popular are:

World – this includes: detailed road networks; land areas; transportation points and water features of over 200 countries.
Summit – is a detailed topographic map, including high-resolution digital terrain information and contour lines.
 City – a detailed vehicle navigation map enabling you to navigate to addresses and places & points of interest with spoken and turn by turn directions.

Some models come with extras such as USB cables, batteries and free membership to geocaching where you can go on treasure hunts to find hidden containers.