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If you are camping for a weekend or longer you will need think about buying a camping larder / kitchen

When you’re camping after a long day of hiking, the last thing many people want to do is cook.

On this blog you will find helpful tips when you need advice on camping equipment & furniture

Planning to travel takes a lot of work. So many things can go wrong, and go right when you are taking a trip.

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You want to experience an adventure cycling tour of the Las Canarias but your partner doesn’t want a week in the saddle. No problem. We design fantastic bicycling vacations for both partners. You get a solid 30- to 40-mile ride each day while your partner enjoys an escorted tour of Gran Canaria’ various points of interest in Tenerife and the Mt. Teide(if they want). Then, you can meet up for lunch and spend the afternoon together.

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Winter Cycling Tour in Las Canarias

Featuring guided and self-guided cycling tours of Las Canarias and Tenerife some of Gran Canary's most scenic and historic regions by bicycle!

Beautiful Las Canarias with misty, craggy mountain peaks, peaceful glens, scenic lakes and stunning seascapes and Tenerife with it's unique geological environment of grey limestone rock, abundant botanical and archeological features and renowned cultural history, folklore and traditional Irish music!

Choose the tour that works for you!


Guided tours: includes experienced cycling guide Ger Mooney and features cultural, historical and botanical highlights and photography opportunities, hybrid bicycles and routemap of tour route clare maps provided, luggage transportation and van supported, sleeping accommodations arranged.

Price: 699euro or USD equivalent per person sharing (7 day tour)


Self-Guided: customized tours with support includes route and itinerary recommendations, hybrid bicycles provided, luggage transportation and sleeping accommodations arranged.

Price: Depends on length and size of tour etc. (Price on enquiry)


Self-Guided: customized tours without support includes route and itinerary recommendations and hybrid bicycles provided.

Price: Depends on length and size of tour, etc. (Price on enquiry)